KDTS Hosting

Website Hosting

We believe in providing the most stable servers and fast uplinks to our clients in one of our two data centers. We have a number of plans and options and allow our customers decide where their information will be stored. You always have the option of hosting in Canada or the USA.

We provide Linux or Windows hosting depending on your needs and can build a custom solution if required.


We provide our clients with a superb uplink, so your website loads quickly! We make sure you have dedicated resources on our server so things always move quickly. We don't over-load our servers at your expense!


We have two state of the art data centers, one in the US and one in Canada. All of our servers are backed-up in terms of data, power, and hardware. Our average up-time is over 99.75% in any given year. We provide reliable services and work hard to make you happy.


We are constantly expanding our service offerings and can easily scale up plans and packages to accommodate your requests. Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosted Exchange, we can do it all. Simply contact us for more detailed information of what we can do.